VIDEO - Not every scar is visible to the eye: There is no trace of the carnage in the image of a girl taking in the sumptuous Norwegian landscape. Attack on Utya: Viljar Hanssen from Longyearbyen bears witness in Oslo. The FBI planned to use it for eavesdropping but never did for fear of being caught. As Viljar struggles through depression and physiotherapy, he becomes an embodied metaphor for Norway as a whole. However, this was overturned in 2017 and his attempt to appeal the decision in 2018 was rejected by the European Court of Human Rights as "inadmissible for being manifestly ill-founded. In his testimony, Hanssensays that hisbrother, Torje (played by Isak Bakli Aglen in the film), called their parents during the shooting, andHanssensays that it "annoyed" him because he didn't want their parents to worry. SEVERANCE CHECK: Mysterious Atlantic cable cuts linked to Russian fishing vessels did they damage Svalbards? Q: Aside from work, what are some of your future plans and hopes? [56][57], Hanssen never told the KGB or GRU his identity and refused to meet them personally, except for the abortive 1993 contact in the Russian embassy parking garage. The FBI believes that the Russians never knew the name of their source. Bonnie had previously told her brother that Hanssen once talked about retiring in Poland, then part of the Eastern Bloc. While the survivors have quietly got on with rebuilding their lives, Breivik has whined loudly about his misfortune. The CIA and FBI searched his house, tapped his telephone, and surveilled him, following him and his family everywhere. The FBI and CIA formed a joint mole-hunting team in 1994 to find the suspected second intelligence leak. A coup detat. On the Thursday of July 22, 2011, Gjestvang, 32, was in her Oslo office, about to leave for the weekend, when an explosion shook the building. For unknown reasons[dubious discuss], the Soviets did not act against Polyakov until he was betrayed a second time by CIA mole Aldrich Ames in 1985. These are some of the haunting images taken by Norwegian photographer Andrea Gjestvang, who documented the recovery of dozens of young survivors of the massacre on the Norwegian island of Utoya two years ago. Viljar Hanssen, then 17, lay defenceless on the ground as he was blasted in the head during the 2011 island killing spree that left 77 dead, but despite the fragment of ammunition that could kill him at any moment,he refuses to be a victim. [7] On July 6, 2001, he pleaded guilty to 13 counts of espionage, one count of attempted espionage, and one of conspiracy to commit espionage in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. She now works at the Norwegian embassy in Sarajevo. Viljar was elected to the council in Svalbard in autumn 2011 (Photo: Andrea Gjestvang/MOMENT), Cecilie Herlovsen, 17, was shot in her arm, shoulder and chin. On her way to subway station when bomb exploded. [44] FBI agent Michael Waguespack thought the voice was familiar, but could not remember who it was. [45] FBI analyst Bob King remembered Hanssen using that same quote. Two years ago he won a human rights case, arguing that it was inhumane for him to be kept in a cell alone. I'm a professional transient living on a tiny Norwegian island next door to the North Pole, where once a week (or thereabouts) I pollute our extreme and pristine environment with paper fishwrappers decorated with seemingly random letters that would cause a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters to die of humiliation. Viljar is shot five times during the attack and . He suffered near-fatal injuries after being shot five times, ultimately losing an eye and suffering severe impairment of his motor functions. Jonas Strand Gavli is terrific in the role of Viljar, conveying the unimaginable terror of trying to defend a younger sibling during the Utya ordeal, then bringing the viewer into the dark bedroom of a depressed teenager. [70] Hanssen gave her money, jewels, and a used Mercedes-Benz but ended contact with her before his arrest when she began abusing drugs and doing sex work. [21][29] On two occasions, Hanssen gave the Soviets a complete list of American double agents. On October 1, 1985, Hanssen sent an anonymous letter to the KGB offering his services and asking for $100,000 in cash, equivalent to $251,949 in 2021. Having resorted to no photographic effects, Gjestvang says she tried to keep silent and focus on the person in front of her. ", Hannah has been with Screen Rant since 2013, covering news, features, movie premieres, Comic-Con and more! [4] He was spying at the same time as Aldrich Ames in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). When the trial was over, Lippestad said that he did not feel as though he had "won" anything, even though Breivikachieved his goal of being judged sane and accountable for his actions, but that he was "happy that we have completed our assignment.". It should not exist, and it being used by journalists and Stortingspolitikere is a disgrace, really. 'I was certain I would bleed to death. The investigation is covered in O'Neill's memoir Gray Day: My Undercover Mission to Expose America's First Cyber Spy, published by Penguin Random House in the spring of 2019. Viljar is himself studying politics but his purpose his very different. Throughout his spying, Hanssen remained anonymous to the Russians. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Greengrass says: You have to explore how Breivik was defeated. I think many survivors, etterlatte, and also journalists and politicians are showing bravery when they are trying to start real introspection and discussions. Viljar Hanssen, then 17, lay defenceless on the ground as he was blasted in the head during the 2011 island killing spree that left 77 dead, but despite the fragment of ammunition that could. In short, 1) the website needs $22 U.S. (190 NOK) to stay online for another month and 2) the editor needs any and all help possible to avoid homelessness in the middle of polar winter (not that its legal here any other time of the year). Here's how the film compares to the true story. Yuzhin was imprisoned for six years before he was released by a general amnesty to political prisoners, and subsequently immigrated to the U.S..[24] Because the FBI blamed Ames for the leak, Hanssen was neither suspected nor investigated. Personally Ive been focusing on the future since the day I woke up from my coma and Ill be doing a lot of living afterwords. [15] During his first espionage cycle, Hanssen provided a significant amount of information to the GRU, including details of the FBI's bugging activities and lists of suspected Soviet intelligence agents. Ames was officially blamed for giving Polyakov's name to the Soviets, while Hanssen's attempt was not revealed until after his 2001 capture. For example, despite the Norwegian setting all of the characters speak in English. Icepeople is again facingan immediate existential crisis due (of course) to hardships largely inflected by the pandemic. Pitts was the second FBI agent to mention Hanssen by name as a possible mole, but superiors were still unconvinced, and no action was taken. She told Ynet of the silence behind the camera. We spend several minutes with Viljar, his little brother, and several other children huddled against a cliff face, trying to stay out of Breiviks sight. She was described as a "good colleague". The British director Paul Greengrass has made dramatizations of real-life events, especially blood-spattered disasters, the mainstay of his career. Yet this was only the beginning. Paul Greengrass drama 22 July recreates the horror of Anders Behring Breivik's 2011 terrorist attack. As the testimony showed, however, Viljar managed to keep his sense of humor. You know, for me its the same everyday. He aims to help society through peaceful, democratic means as a Labour councillor. Thats when I thought, I need to make this film. Breivik, now 39, was given the maximum sentence available in Norway, which is 21 years in solitary confinement. Breivik spouts his anti-immigrant, Islamophobic rhetoric, telling police, This is a military operation. While it did not contain Hanssen's name, among the information was an audiotape of a July 21, 1986, conversation between "B" and KGB agent Aleksander Fefelov. a far right fanatic, having detonated an explosive at the Norwegian capital, went on to perpetrate a mass shooting at the island of Utoya, the site of the Workers' Youth League (AUF)-run summer camp. 19 Viljar Hanssen Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images CREATIVE Collections Project #ShowUs Creative Insights EDITORIAL VIDEO BBC Motion Gallery NBC News Archives MUSIC BLOG BROWSE PRICING ENTERPRISE VisualGPS INSIGHTS BOARDS BASKET SIGN IN Images Images Creative Editorial Video Creative Editorial FILTERS CREATIVE EDITORIAL VIDEO Posted on 25. Amikor Breivik megtmadta a tbort, Hanssen nhny tsval a tenger fel meneklt, egy meredek sziklafalhoz lapulva prbltak elbjni. VILJAR HANSSEN (@viljarhanssen) Instagram photos and videos viljarhanssen Follow 336 posts 34.7K followers 700 following VILJAR HANSSEN Politician Jurist, politiker og levemann. 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Ahead of the 2011 election, in May 2011, she beat Anita Johansen with 15 against 5 votes to become the Labour Party's mayor candidate. Hanssen's three sons attended The Heights School in Potomac, Maryland, an all-boys preparatory school. The bomb has removed the government and here I have liquidated a political camp., At one point his own lawyer says, Norway isnt on trial. This is an online interview conducted with Viljar a few days before the 10-year anniversary of that fateful day. Hanssen's story was featured in episode 4, under the name of "Perfect Traitor", of Smithsonian Channel's series Spy Wars, aired end of 2019 and narrated by Damian Lewis.[78]. All depict ordinary people in extraordinary situations.
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